Perfect Roasted Potatoes


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My new site is up and I am very excited for this new adventure into the blogging world!  I am realizing that I have lots to say to the world because I keep catching myself going “I need to write that down for the blog.”  I need to decide whether or not I am going to split out my career/job searching posts from my family/food type posts.  I will figure it out, but for now they will all fall under Becki’s Whole Life….because, well, they are both big parts of my life!

And by the way, the name “Becki’s Whole Life” was my 7 year old daughter’s idea.  She said it and I just liked it so I went with it.

So on to these potatoes.  This is really more of a technique than a recipe and once you have it down you can do almost anything with these potatoes.  We like them best with reds, but we have also used Russets and Yukon Golds.  Can I just say that potatoes get a bad rap nutritionally?  They are a complex carbohydrate and they are nutrient dense so really they are a great food.  Just be careful what you put on them.

There is a great farm stand in Apex that has wonderful little red potatoes dug up fresh from the field each morning.  Let me tell you, if you have never had a fresh potato you need to find some…NOW:-)  So good.  This is very much my husband’s technique…he has it perfected, but I think that I have gotten pretty good at it as well….so here we go.

Becki and Jim’s Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Preheat oven to 450 degrees

Cut up your cleaned potatoes – skin on.  I usually cut them into 1 inch wedges.  Once you get the technique down you can really cut them into any size/shape you want.

Toss the cut potatoes onto a cookie sheet with enough oil to cover all of the potatoes liberally (but not so much oil that they are drowning in it.)  Season and toss potatoes until everything is covered evenly.  Typically we just use kosher or sea salt and black pepper to season.  If I am feeling the love I will walk outside to my herb garden and get some thyme or rosemary to toss in.  I have also roasted them with seasoned salt or some chopped onions or garlic.  Have fun, play around, go crazy:-)

Spread the potatoes out on the cookie sheet so that they aren’t touching.

Roast in the oven for about 25 minutes checking periodically towards the end to see if they are done (depending on their size and your oven.)  You can turn them halfway through, but I find that you don’t need to because they crisp up all over.  Its up to you.

You may want to sprinkle on a little more seasoning when they are fully cooked.  Enjoy with some malt vinegar and you won’t know what hit you…it almost doesn’t get any better than this:-)


  1. I should not be reading your blog while hungry! Now I am wishing I had potatoes – they look SO GOOD! YUM YUM YUM!!!

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