More Garage Sale Finds

More Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the clothes that I found at a recent garage sale. If you missed it, you can find that post here. I wanted to share some more fun stuff that I have come across in recent weeks.

Jim and I really like old glass like depression and milk glass. I am actually starting to run out of spots to put it all so I think I need to slow down, but I have really found some pretty stuff for really good prices.

The pink bowl/plate was 5 dollars and the green plate, which is apparently the sandwich glass, was 2 dollars.

Cocktail Glasses

These are some different cocktail glasses that I have found. Since we started doing Fun Fridays, we realized that we really needed some new drink glasses. This is something I always find at sales so this was a fun challenge for me.

The brandy snifters are really pretty and I think I got six of them and paid two dollars a glass. They are Mikasa and in a store these would retail for about $20 each. They are really pretty and quite heavy. The martini glasses were a quarter each. They are very nice, but not anything real special. Probably like something you would find at Crate and Barrel. The shaker was also a quarter and it’s pretty solid and works really well. The utensils don’t really go with this picture but I happened to buy them on the same day. Since I send hot meals in with the girls about once a week to school I always seem to be missing spoons. I found these Pfaltzgraff spoons and knives for a dime a piece.

Cosmo Glasses

The cosmo or martini glasses were a great find. They are really heavy and the glass has pretty little bubbles in it. I bought the whole set for 5 dollars and there were eight of these.

Milk Glass

This next piece is milk glass and I use it as a fruit bowl (which I guess is really what it is supposed to be.) I love this bowl and it sits on my countertop all of the time with bananas or apples in it. It looks really nice with some red apples:-). I paid 10 dollars for this.

Beach Bags

These are my pool bags that I have used this summer. I paid a dollar for each bag and believe me, I have gotten my two dollars worth with these.

Vera Bradley Bags

Vera Bradley bags. The brown bag I paid 13 dollars for, but it’s a nice big duffle that was hardly used. I love this brown and teal pattern. My daughter has a lunch bag in the same pattern. The backpack and the little purse I think I paid 3 and 1 dollar for respectively. My daughters really like Vera Bradley purses because they are so colorful. They probably have about 4 or 5 bags like these that we have picked up at sales.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! I think one of the keys to getting the most out of garage sales is to find good quality items that are in good condition (and at a good price.) I am pretty picky about the sales that I go to and the items that I buy. I have gotten some amazing items at sales and I will do some more posts in the upcoming weeks with more of my finds. I am saving my favorite items for a post that I will have in a week or two. When I do, you will be amazed at some of the things that I have come home with and the prices I have paid. Just wait:-)….are you as excited as I am??????


  1. You found some excellent deals, Becki! Way to go. I adore garage sales. I’m so happy that our weather is finally cooling off and we are starting to see more sales. Here in the desert, we typically have the most sales through the fall, some winter and then the spring. They disappear dramatically during the hottest months of summer.

  2. Sounds like you got some great deals!

  3. Love the depression glass! My mom has a whole collection of pink depression glass that came from her grandmother, and I just think it’s beautiful!

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