Trader Joe’s Tuesday – Our Favorite TJ’s Freezer Meal

Mandarin Orange Chicken - Trader Joe's

If you read this blog very often (or if you know me,) my love for all things Trader Joe’s is no secret.   My mom and friends in Upstate NY are just getting some Trader Joe’s nearby so I thought a fun thing to do would be to share some of our favorites.  The list is long so this topic will definintely generate lots of content.

Jim and I try to make most of the meals that we serve from scratch, however life gets busy.  The girls are  into different activities so there are nights when we just need a quick meal.

This is one of the many reasons why I love TJ’s.  I love the fact that I can serve my family a delicious meal (this is one of their favorites) and not feel like I am feeding them processed junk.  You can read Trader Joe’s labels and for the most part recognize every single thing on there.  Everything tastes a little fresher and you have lots of options, too.  Way better for your pocketbook than ordering take-out and healthier, too.  I’m not saying this is health food, but its definintely as close to homemade as freezer food comes.  I love that.

Trader joe's Chicken Gyoza Potstickers

This is a meal my kids would eat on a weekly basis if I kept my freezer stocked with it.  Ella actually requested this for her birthday last year.  Both items taste like they come from a really good Chinese restaurant (except we all agreed it is different from your typical Chinese food.)  I think that the Mandarin Chicken is one of the best things you can buy from the freezer at TJ’s…and the pot stickers are probably a close second.  The chicken has the perfect crunchy coating and the sauce is bright and  so flavorful.  The pasta on the pot stickers is nice and light and the meat is seasoned just like you would hope a pot sticker would be.  Lots of ginger and green onion flavors – yum!

We usually have some TJ’s Gyoza Sauce (not pictured) to dip the pot stickers in, but some soy sauce or sweet chili sauce would be good, too!

For our veggie, we usually serve frozen broccoli or if we are super busy I just let the kids pick a piece of fruit.  Easy peasy!

So, if you are like my family and need to add a few good, non-junk freezer options to your meal rotation I definitely recommend Trader Joe’s Mandarin Chicken and Chicken Gyoza Potstickers.  Your family will be hooked, too!


PS..I have no affiliation with Trader Joe’s.  Just a loyal shopper trying to spread the love:-)



  1. We like their orange chicken as well. (Not to mention their heavenly dark chocolate peanut butter cups! Those are my weakness.)

  2. Beth Velatini says:

    I totally forgot about that mandarin chicken! When my daughter lived at home we had those at least a couple times a month – she moved out almost a year ago and I totally forgot about them!


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