Educational Websites My Kids Love

Are you looking for some new education websites or fun math games for your kids that are not only educational but fun as well?  These are some of the sites that my girls have used and really enjoyed over the years.  Some educational websites are definitely better than others, but these sites have gotten the stamp of approval from  Ella and Taylor.

Thumbs Up!

All sites listed on this page are free unless otherwise noted….

All Grade Levels (K-5)

Spelling City – A great website for spelling at all ages – we particularly like the spelling test on this and use it every week.  This is our favorite way to work on our spelling words.  Hangman is fun, too.
Spelling city

 BrainPop – this is a fun site with activities math games, social studies games, science games for various ages with cute videos and activities.  Much of this is a subscription site, but there are still some fun free learning activities.

Brain Pop

National Geographic – I could spend hours here, too. Great site for kids of all ages particularly if they are doing a research project on countries or other cultures. Also great for animal loving kids.

National Geographic

Grammaropolis – For older elementary kids who are starting to learn grammar. This site has memberships that aren’t too expensive, but there is a bit you can do for free.


Sumdog This is a fun site as kids can compete against others online in learning and math games. There is also a way for parents to set their kids up so they can track progress. Kids can earn outfits for their avatar.  Fun!


Younger Kids – Elementary

Starfall – This is a great site for young kids just learning to read.  The girls used this site all the time when they were in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

Starfall – All types of activities and apps that you can download.


Storyline Online – SAG actors reading books along with fun activities/questions to go along with the story. Cute!

Storyline Online

PBS Kids – We spent lots of time on this site when the girls were little. They recognize the characters and learn at the same time.

PBS Kids


If you have websites that you have really enjoyed, please let me know about them and I will add them to this list.  I will keep this info on a page in the menu above under Home and Family -> Educational Websites my Kids Love.



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