Cookie Stack Cake

Cookie Stack Cake

We usually travel up to New York around Taylor’s birthday, so we often end up celebrating three or four times before all is said and done. Believe me, she doesn’t complain one bit about this fact, but it definitely gives me a reason to look for some variations on the birthday cake. When I saw this cake posted on Pinterest I knew immediately that it would be a great cake to make for her birthday party with her school friends. Guys – can I just tell you that this is probably my favorite birthday cake I have ever made. It was a huge hit with the kiddos and the cookies themselves are absolutely amazing.  Plus, it is sooo easy and the kids can help decorate.

For Taylor’s birthday party with her school buddies we took the girls roller skating and then came back to have pizza, cake and presents. Last year we had a sleepover and let me tell you, that was the last sleepover birthday party we will ever have.  Never.  Again.  Her friends are as cute as buttons but when they all decide to wake up at 3am and not go back to sleep – well, not so cute.  So, daytime roller skating party it was!

Ok, so back to this cake.  First of all – how cute is it?  Plus, you don’t have to make it look perfect like you do when decorating a layer cake.  You can also change-up the type of cookie or butter cream – lots of variety here.  As cute as this cake is though, the best thing is these cookies.  Man, these cookies!!!  This is now my go-to cookie recipe.  It doesn’t hurt that they are stuffed with mini chocolate chip cookies and M&M’s, but the dough is seriously amazing.

Kids raved about the cake and lots of big round eyes when they got their big fat M&M cookies with buttercream on top.  It definitely made for a super fun party.

Isn’t the cake stand adorable, too?  Scored that baby at a garage sale in NY with my mom.  Ten bucks!  The tablecloth was another find for $1.

Cookie Stack Cake

Cake concept is from: Erica’s Sweet Tooth

In my next post I will include the cookie recipe that I used.  You can really use any cookie that you like for this cake.  These Monster Cookies would be great to use as well.  I use my basic (but absolutely wonderful) vanilla buttercream recipe.

Instructions For Assembly

You will want to make a big batch of cookies for this cake.  I made a double recipe and ended up with about 45 cookies – give or take.  My cookies were a decent size.  I always use my pampered chef medium scoop for cookies.  As you can see I had cookies around the edge of the actual cake.

  • Place a cookie in the very center of your cake stand and place a ring of cookies around your center cookie.
  • Pipe your buttercream on top of the bottom ring of cookies.  I used a  large Wilton tip and formed two circles of buttercream.
  • Repeat for the second layer.  As an option you can omit the middle cookie on every other layer and fill that space in with buttercream.
  • Again, pipe the buttercream in two circles around the second layer of cookies.  Repeat this as many times as you need to use up your cookies or achieve  your desired cake height.  We did four layers of cookies total and this was perfect.
  • Spread buttercream over the top of your cake (doesn’t need to be perfect as you can see in my picture.)  Decorate any way you would like.  We sprinkled more M&M’s and mini chips on top.  Taylor made a “T” on top for herself.
  • If you have extra cookies and space on your cake stand or plate, place the extra cookies around the edge.  You could decorate each one with a little buttercream for some extra cuteness.  Sprinkle M&M’s and chips (or whatever you used in the cookies) around the cookies.
  • To cut the cake you can cut through to make cake slices.  However, I found that it was easier to take out two cookies for each serving.  That gave everyone the perfect amount of cookie and buttercream.


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  1. I love this idea Becki! So cute and different in a good way!

  2. Karen (Back Road Journal) says:

    What a cute and clever idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe in you latest post.


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