Five Things I’m (Randomly) Loving From Trader Joe’s

Five things I love from Trader Joe's

I haven’t done a Trader Joe’s update lately so I wanted to share five more things that I LOVE from Trader Joe’s.

Pure Coconut Water – When coconut water became popular a few years ago we used to venture over to TJ’s to get Zico.  Jim and I were training for our half marathon that year and coconut water was like rocket fuel for us.  At that point TJ’s was one of the only places we could find it but it was Zico brand.  I knew it was a matter of time before they had their own line of coconut water and sure enough now they do!  TJ’s coconut water tastes as good as any other brand but I have found that it is a bit cheaper which makes me happy!

Low Sodium Garden Patch Vegetable Juice – I love to drink good vegetable juice for many reasons.  The problem is there is very often a ton of sodium in the varieties that taste ok.  To me the low sodium versions lack flavor and just tasted flat.  TJ’s Low Sodium Garden Patch drink has an awesome flavor and it is thick which makes me feel like I am drinking freshly pressed juice.  I do not notice this drink being low sodium at all and I can taste the veggies which I just love.  (Plus it makes great Bloody Mary’s:-)).

Oyster Crackers – We love TJ’s oyster crackers.  I love that the ingredient list reads quite clean and they are PUFFY.  They taste great, too – like they were homemade.  Since it is soup season grab yourself a box of these!  Yummy with this Corn and Potato Chowder, Ham and Bean Soup or Lunchbox Chicken Noodle Soup!

Refried Pinto Beans – These are the best refried beans that I have ever had (outside of my favorite Mexican Restaurant here in Apex which just changed their beans and they are the most amazing refried beans ever known to man.)  They just taste sooo good and anytime we have other canned refried beans I get a bit said because they just aren’t as good.    I always try to have a few of these in my pantry.  Use these beans if you want to make Chicken and Refried Bean Enchiladas!

Pesto – Not only is TJ’s pesto perfectly seasoned and blended but it is super cheap.  This jar costs around $2.49 I believe – which is a great price for good pesto.  I love to have this in my fridge as it always adds such great flavor to different dishes.  Another item I always love to have on hand.

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  1. Just got a new Traders here in Buffalo and are so thrilled. I did not know what to buy so I really appreciate your suggestions and now can’t wait to go back and also get the frozen dinners you suggested, the EVOO and the Coconut oil….which is so much cheaper as we have been ordering it online. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Joyce – thanks for visiting. My mom lives near Buffalo so she is excited about having a Trader Joe’s nearby, too. That was the main reason I decided to do these posts as she was always asking me what to buy! Have a great day and stay warm!


  2. I don’t make it to Trader Joes nearly enough. Definitely trying the pesto next time I’m there.

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