Educational Websites Kids Love!

All sites listed on this page are free unless otherwise noted….

All Grade Levels (K-5)

Spelling City – A great website for spelling at all ages – we particularly like the spelling test on this and use it every week. Hangman is fun, too.

 BrainPop – this is a fun site for various ages with cute videos and activities. Much if this is a subscription site, but there is still some fun free stuff.

National Geographic – I could spend hours here, too. Great site for kids of all ages particularly if they are doing a research project on countries or other cultures. Also great for animal loving kids.

Grammaropolis – For older elementary kids who are starting to learn grammar. This site has memberships that aren’t too bad, but there is quite a bit you can do for free.

Sumdog This is a fun site as kids can compete against others online in learning and math games. There is also a way for parents to set their kids up so they can track progress. Kids can earn outfits for their avatar.

Younger Kids – Elementary

Starfall – This is a great site for young kids just learning to read – All types of activities and also has apps that you can download.

Storyline Online – SAG actors reading books along with fun activities/questions to go along with the story.

PBS Kids – We spent lots of time on this site when the girls were little. They recognize the characters and learn at the same time.

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  1. I have a 3 year old girl & we live in Michigan where the winters can get long. I run out of fun things to do indoors during the really cold days where we cant play outside. Do you have any idea or know of any websites for her/us? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Heidi,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to you. I think that the PBS Kids site would have lots of activities that a three year old could do with a little help (NickJr., too). Starfall is an education site that we loved and it does have some activities that a 3 year old could do – learning ABC’s and Counting. Good luck! Spring is almost here:-).

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