Crispy Baked Chicken

I have found in life and through cooking that sometimes we (I) spend so much time looking for different recipes (or other things, I suppose) when the best ones just turn out to be the simplest.  Sometimes they are right in front of you and you didn’t even know it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love new recipes and I can appreciate fancy as much as the next person.  However, I often find that  my favorite recipes are the ones that just do enough to bring the best out in something.  Nothing fancy, not a ton of ingredients, no special techniques.  Just goodness.

This is one of those recipes.  When I told Jim I wanted to post this he was like, “Well it isn’t really much of a recipe.”  I said, “but the chicken is just so good and it is just a great, simple way to prepare it.”  So that is why this recipe/technique is appearing on the blog.  Plus, what smells better roasting in your oven than chicken??????

There are lots of ways you can cook this crispy baked chicken.  They key is to get the skin nice and crispy.  You could replace some of the oil with butter.   You could also cook the chicken skin side up the whole time and it will still get crispy.  I like how cooking it skin side down gives it a nice sear.  Just make sure all the chicken gets cooked through.  Since chickens vary in size so much you will have to adjust the times accordingly but not by much.

As my girls will tell you, I always eat my chicken with a little hot sauce.  It must be the Buffalo girl in me.


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Crispy Baked Chicken
  • 1 Whole Chicken Cut-Up
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon Salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • ½ teaspoon paprika
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Drizzle 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in the bottom of a rimmed baking sheet (you can add a little more if you need it depending on the size of your pan. Place in the heated oven for 3 minutes
  2. Combine salt, pepper and paprika in a small bowl
  3. Rub Chicken with ½ of the olive olive oil and sprinkle evenly the salt mixture and place skin side down in the heated pan. Make sure the chicken pieces are not crowding each other in the pan.
  4. Bake chicken for 35 minutes and then flip chicken and cook another 15 minutes or until chicken is done (juice is no longer pink from the thickest part of the meat.)
  5. Enjoy!


Crispy Onion Chicken

Crispy Onion Chicken

Who says that fried onions are only for green bean casserole?  This is probably one of my families’ favorite baked chicken recipes.  The onions make such a fabulous coating for the chicken and the yummy flavors from the sauce take it right over the top.

You could also cut the chicken up into strips to make chicken fingers. My family dips this chicken in ketchup, but I think it doesn’t need any more flavor.  To each their own I guess.

One of the keys to cooking chicken breast in any recipe is to pound it out into an even thickness.  To me there is nothing worse than chicken overcooked in that thin part and cooked, but rubbery in the big thick part.  Pounding it out takes care of this and tenderizes it at the same time.  Plus, it is a good way to get your aggressions out safely.  Not that any of us have any of those, right?


Source: Taste of Home

Crispy Onion Chicken
  • ½ cup butter, melted (I sometimes do a little less or do half olive oil)
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 teaspoon ground mustard
  • ½ teaspoon garlic salt
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  • 1 can (6 ounces) french-fried onions, crushed
  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves - pounded thin
  1. Melt butter in a shallow bowl and then add Worcestershire, mustard, garlic salt and pepper. In another bowl add ½ cup of the fried onions.
  2. Dip the chicken in the butter mixture and then the onions to give it a good coating. Place the chicken in a greased baking pan. Top with the remaining onions and drizzle with remaining butter mixture.
  3. Bake uncovered at 350 for 30-35 minutes.


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